Will Your Homeowner’s Insurance Replace Your Roof?

The roof on your home is battered by weather every day, and heavy storms in Texas make life more difficult for your roof. Heavy heat in the summer can melt your shingles, and rains will cause leaks and heavy winds will tear away shingles. Your homeowners insurance policy in Texas can replace your roof, but you must follow the instructions in this article before your claim is filed.

#1: Survey The Damage

You must have a record of the damage to your home after a summer or winter storms, and photo evidence will help show the damage that was done. An adjuster will be sent to your home after you file a claim, but you must have a record of damage that you repaired immediately. Missing shingles or tears cannot wait to be repaired, but an adjuster will take your photographic evidence into account completing your claim.

#2: Weather Information

Your claims may not have photographic evidence, but an adjuster can use weather information from your area to determine when storms occurred. The weather information you submit must show when the rains passed through your area, relative wind speeds and reports of damage in the area. A few years of storm damage are more than enough to have your claim completed, and your insurance company will proceed with payment.

#3: Estimates

Your homeowners insurance carrier may require an estimate for the replacement of your roof. Contact a roofer for an estimate, and ask the roofer to submit the estimate to your homeowners insurance carrier. Your carrier will use the estimate to guide their decision, and you will receive a check in the mail for your claim. Claims that do not require estimates may pay less for replacement, and you may need to question your adjuster during their visit.

#4: Find A Good Agent

Service on your homeowners insurance policy from a local Texas agent will help expedite the claims process. Your agent is familiar with all the people who are involved in the claims process, and you will receive faster service as a result. Relying on your local agent to service your homeowners insurance policy helps you get the money you need faster, and you may avoid leaks that were caused by recent storms.

#5: Do Not Wait

Waiting to file a claim on your homeowners insurance could cause the value of your claim to drop. A claim that is filed immediately after storm damage will get the full attention of the insurance carrier, and your homeowners insurance policy will pay the full value of a roof replacement. Keep your Texas agent on speed dial, and give the agent a call when you know severe damage has occurred on your roof.

The homeowners insurance you carry for your home will help you replace your roof after a heavy storm, but you must follow the procedures listed here. Your roof can be replaced in a timely manner after you have collected all the proper information. Submit everything to your homeowners insurance carrier for replacement of your roof.